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What skills and capabilities differentiate Kavaliro from competitors?

Kavaliro’s founders help to establish the fastest growing DOD services company from 2003 to 2010 before it was acquired by what is now Salient/CRGT. By applying a staffing agency methodology to a DOD services platform, that company went from 0 to 1500 employees in 7 years. More than 75% of these resources were cleared, and Kavaliro maintained this data post acquisition. From a workforce provider to a viable subcontractor to an established prime we have been in the trenches with our DOD partners for over 15 years. What makes us unique, is that we understand every nuance of what our government services customers go through. From pricing metrics to delivery goals, we have been there, and we can help you reach you succeed.

What is the basis of Kavaliro's advantage?

With Kavaliro you will be partnering with a firm that is a certified MBE, and holds a Top Secret Facility Clearance. We pride ourselves in our policy of supporting and creating mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by embracing and learning from the diversity within their workplaces and the markets they serve. Kavaliro's national reach and years working in both commercial and government sectors provides unmatched knowledge and a streamlined approach to fit your needs.

Kavaliro provides services and resource allocation for the following skills & more:

Cyber Analytics Intelligence Analysis Systems Administrators
Cyber Engineering Sensor Operator Hardware Administrators
Solutions Engineering Desktop Support (all levels) Security Administrator
Developers GIS Analyst Data Engineers
Offensive Computer Operations Cloud Migrations Network Engineers
Platform Protection & Exploitation Logistics Analyst Systems Engineers
Human Intelligence Desktop Imaging  Embedded Software Engineering
Data Analysts  Data Center Management & More

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